Ever heard the expression, “A watched pot never boils?” Well here on Watched Plot Never Boils we believe that there is something pretty similar at work when authors spend all their time trying to hunt down the latest best selling trend and never actually get any time to write because of it.

We know this because it’s definitely something we are guilty of. But, let our terrible procrastination habits help you! Every week day we will post short articles giving you the gossip on what is hot, and what is not, on the eBook bestseller lists. Which trends are newly rising towards the top, while which old sub-genres are falling by the way side.

Data, analytics, and good old fashioned mathematics will help to figure out whether you should concentrate your efforts on one story over another, or whether you should throw it all away to write thrillers and true crime novels like your gut’s been telling you.

And, if even sorting through the daily posts is too much like hard work, or you want a short answer to what is doing well over all in eBooks, we also have a weekly round up of all the interesting info you could want to know. 

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